Wednesday, 19 July 2017

TokyoTreat July 2017 Unboxing / First YouTube Video

Well, this is it. My first proper YouTube video in absolutely years. I've been wanting to get into YouTube for a long time now, but have found it pretty hard to get to a point where i'm comfortable recording myself. Been a good while in the making, but this video came together fairly quickly. Got a long way to go before it'll be considered decent, but hey-ho, gotta start somewhere.

This is an unboxing, of sorts, of a TokyoTreat premium box. I've been getting these since March now and have found them to be great value. Japanese candy can be a lot of fun, with tons of different brands and special flavours. I've found that many Japanese confections are moreish, they give you that super satisfying tingle on your tongue, where you just want another one.

What I love most about TokyoTreat is that it gives you a chance to try a big range of snacks you might not otherwise ever get to have. Even when i've been to Tokyo, though I do find myself eating a good range of stuff, I sadly miss out on a lot. Say you were in a 7/11 and saw a packet of what seemed to just be hula hoops, you'd probably pass them up. Or heck, something that's fish, seaweed and mushroom flavour. You'd possibly avoid that and instead try that fancy flavour of KitKat or some Calorie Mate. TokyoTreat lets you be even more adventurous, and you know every item is gonna be great as each box is really well curated.

Hope you enjoy the video. I'm planning to get many more out in the near future. Any critique is greatly appreciated!