Sunday, 15 May 2016

Wetherspoons Introduce App You Can Order From!

So something I am excited about! Found out the other day that Wetherspoons is trailing a new service. Where you order and pay for your food and drinks on your phone and they'll just bring them straight to your table.

Sadly this is only available in Watford at the moment (turns out their HQ is there!). But the app mentions a few more where the service is coming to very soon. A few scattered across the country. One in Manchester, also luckily for me, one in Leeds.

Sadly not the one I go to. But it's nearby. Beckets Bank. Will have to try it out. Funny to note that Beckets Bank has a really simple layout for a Wetherspoons. The one I go to, The Hadley Variety, has a pretty crazy layout.

So yeah, can't wait to give this service a go. I hope it works well. It'd save us a bunch of time and help make the experience all the more enjoyable. My locals have had a recent raise in badly trained bar staff, so this might put the pressure off a bit and also stops people from having to wade through drunks to order a meal!