Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Graze Box Review 2

Got my second Graze Box today, with four totally different items than last time.

"Natures Immunity" - This is just a box of brazil, cashew and pistachio nuts. Nothing special here really, they were fairly basic, though it was nice to have some nuts for once that aren't drowned in salt. This item does stand to the testament that you could be better off spending your money at a super market and getting much more for your cash. Cashew nuts are my favourite.

"Rhubarb & Pear Compote" - Dried rhubarb, pear and cranberries. This was a lovely selection with a sweet and sour vibe to it. Unlike the nuts, the dried fruit seems a little harder to get in supermarkets with quite the same quality. Supermarket dried fruit always seems like they have taken all water out and are just serving you up some crusty stuff with a bit of a faint taste. Graze's dried fruit though is much better, it's still juicy and has a very good taste. I loved the cranberries, just as I did last time and in particular it was nice to try dried rhubarb and pear. Pear having a slight taste, it was actually a bit of a better way to enjoy pear over eating one normally. The rhubarb was a perfect amount of tangy.

"Smokey Chipotle Dip with Rosemary Breadsticks" - Generally speaking this was a nice item. Lots of flavours. The dip was a little too sweet, but still palatable. The dip and the breadsticks complemented each other very well. I'm big on dipping, but with this item it might be best to take it slow else you risk just tasting the dip and masking the breadsticks.

"Honeycomb Flapjack" - Best item of this box by far! Possibly one of the nicest flapjacks i've ever had. It offered a great flavour, that was slight rather than too much. It wasn't sickly at all like flapjacks easily can be. The texture of the oats and the drizzled chocolate was exactly how flapjack should be, it wasn't too heavy or too sticky.