Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Graze Box Review #1

Today I received my first Graze box after ordering it last Saturday thanks to some promo codes my Dad found in his boots. A friend of mine used to get these and he had enjoyed them and after looking through a couple of reviews online I decided i'd try it out. The website is very easy to use and shows all their different boxes and possible contents, all looking very tasty. You can select if you want certain items to be sent right away or if you never want a particular item you can set it to "bin". There's a few items that are automatically set to bin, such as the jerky and the broth products as they contain meat and not everyone wants that. So if you're hoping to get those make sure uncheck them from the bin option.

Mine came right on time, the website said it was due Wednesday and it arrived Wednesday, which is good. Straight through the letter box as well with Royal Mail, so you don't need to sign. When ordering you can select how regular you want to receive boxes, either twice a week, once a week or once a fortnight. Once you've ordered you can go into the settings and change it to once monthly, which might be a good option whilst you try your first one. The site also includes a list of billing dates which is really useful, for example, I receive boxes on a Wednesday, so I get billed on the Sunday before. Their boxes are £3.99 each, inclusive of P&P.

The box is pretty cute and you get a leaflet with nutritional information which I liked as it was printed unique to my box which gives a nice feel of extra thought, rather than it being four separate cards with the information on. As it was my first one I also got two £5 gift vouchers to give to friends, sadly they don't work on my account, I tried at least!

My favourite snack I received was the Herby Bread Basket. This had a lovely selection of tiny bread sticks and rice crackers. The smell was lovely and the taste really was fantastic. The textures were perfect, not too hard and had the perfect crunch. Actually did fill me up pretty well. Really did live up the name, as these were perfect to Graze on.

The brownies I have to say were a bit of a disappointment, they're bigged up on their website as one of their most popular products but I found them tasteless and light. This is probably because brownies aren't meant to be healthy by any means. Good brownies are dense with chocolatey naughtiness. Ok, for just 100 calories it's hard to expect more but then again Kitkats are meant to be 77 and taste a billion times better. Maybe i'm just spoilt on Costco's brownie mix.

If you're wanting something a little sweet I would certainly recommend choosing one of their other products instead such as the Millionaires Shortbread. It's not strictly speaking shortbread, as part of their reinvented range it's actually a selection of things that might make up millionaires shortbread. Inside the container were almonds, cranberries, Belgium chocolate and fudge pieces. This was a lovely treat yet was still rich in goodness. The cranberries were fresh and juicy, which was a nice surprise as you'd typically find these to be pretty dry in the Super Market.

Last item I tried was their Banana Bread with Afternoon Tea. Once again, this was splendid. It's a shame they don't have more blends of tea, because i'd love to try others. You can pick up a special tea box, but it's all the same flavour. The Banana taste wasn't overly strong, it was just right. Like the brownies it was on the more lighter side and wasn't too dense, but I think this worked very well for this one as the flavour was much nicer.

I'd say all the ingredients were top notch quality, all with a lot of flavour minus the brownies. I would highly recommend giving this a go, especially if you can get a promo code for a free box. I think it's hard to say if you'll enjoy regularly receiving these without trying it out for yourself first. So I would say to anyone to give it a go first to see what you think. They're very easy to order and no fuss, but you could likely find the same products in the supermarket in larger quantities. Though i do question if you could find the such items with quite the same quality. For roughly £1 per container, especially when delivered to your door without additional P&P, I say these are pretty great value for money. I'm going to continue to get this for the time being, my next one is due in two weeks.