Saturday, 31 January 2015

Thoughts on Stephen Fry's Comments on God

What I find most annoying about Stephen Fry as of late is the sheer amount of people that stand there applauding every single word out of that bloated head of his. As if he can't do no wrong and as if everything he says or writes is gospel.

His latest interview where he explained what he would say to God on meeting him at the gates to heaven has been a very popular subject these last few days. It's also been a thankful one for me, as for the last few months I have had a strong dislike for Mr. Fry and really I couldn't put my finger on it until now.

I recently read an article that pointed out that Mr. Fry doesn't fight his debates using intelligence, or even is quite as intelligent as the British public believe him to be. The truth is, he says things that certain people can get behind. He says agreeable things. Who can argue against bone cancer in children being sick and twisted? You can't easily without looking like a bad person. He wins the argument automatically because the majority of the audience will treat any disagreement as total disregard of kindness and general decency. It's a smoke screen, a distraction to make people look else where and not really think the full topic through for themselves.

How arrogant can someone be to actually think they can say such things to the almighty. You have to understand that God is beyond our understanding. As humans we can not comprehend God never mind make sense of anything he does. I'm not religious, at all, not even slightly. I am an atheist (well agnostic) and I do I fact despise organised religion. But I think what Mr. Fry said was just plain arrogance and generally makes the atheist community look deluded and like a bunch of pompous egomaniacs.

The issue is Mr. Fry is likely a greatly intelligent man, but the mass media and British public allow him to be lazy. Don't let him. Question what people like Mr. Fry do and say. Don't just sit there and blindly clap and cheer as if he's the most amazing person whoever lived. Bring a proper challenge to such people and don't dumb yourself down. We're better than this.