Saturday, 31 January 2015

Thoughts on Stephen Fry's Comments on God

What I find most annoying about Stephen Fry as of late is the sheer amount of people that stand there applauding every single word out of that bloated head of his. As if he can't do no wrong and as if everything he says or writes is gospel.

His latest interview where he explained what he would say to God on meeting him at the gates to heaven has been a very popular subject these last few days. It's also been a thankful one for me, as for the last few months I have had a strong dislike for Mr. Fry and really I couldn't put my finger on it until now.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Sushiwaka, Excellent New Japanese Restaurant Opens in Leeds

You know those times when you stray from the beaten path, rather than walk the way you usually do you just happened to take a different turn, still heading in the same direction in the end. Sometimes you end up finding new things this way, which is what happened to me last week. I stumbled upon a newly open Japanese restaurant in Leeds City centre.

Sushiwaka, just off of the Headrow used to just be a Karaoke bar, but sometime late in December it opened a new restaurant serving wonderful Japanese dishes. Don't worry the karaoke is still there, just upstairs.