Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The legendary McRib, back in the UK after 12 years

Today, the last day of 2014, a burger that some only consider a myth returned in it's apparent glory to McDonalds stores across the UK. The reformed pork sandwich known only as the McRib. This burger is a cultural phenomena, everyone knows the story even if they've never had one of these burgers grace their lips. It's even had an entire Simpsons episode tributing it. The McRib first came to the UK back in 1998 and according to the SMS I received from McDonalds this morning it's not been seen here for 12 years. I missed my opportunity to have one of these in Spain a few years ago, so I simply couldn't pass up the chance now.

Myself and trusty friend Andrew ventured out in the car this morning to our local McDonalds to see if we can grab one of these legends for ourselves and see what all the fuss has been about. There we saw the banner on the hill, it looked delicious from far away. Inside the store I was surprised to see on the menu, an old friend, the Big Tasty. Oh, this was certainly a lovely surprise and did make me question McDonald's marketing techniques, as the Big Tasty is the single most popular burger in the UK and it's somewhat limited nature, although much not nearly as limited as the McRib, does make people crave it. As was evident with many people in the store purchasing Big Tasty's and ignoring the McRib, I am uncertain if it was a good idea to have them both on at the same time. A part of me wanted the Big Tasty, we all knew it was would have been the better choice, but it wasn't our mission today, our mission was to tackle the infamous McRib.

As I was warned by Google+, the Bun is slightly to the side.

First up we have the price. It's cheap. At only £4.29 for a meal, it's actually only ten pence more than a Big Tasty with bacon not as a meal. A Big Tasty with Bacon as a meal on the other hand is just short of £6, so there's quite the difference there. Rightly so however as the McRib isn't big, it is in fact rather small. However it's small size is necessary. It's a sickly burger and I don't think many people would survive if it was even slightly as big as the Big Tasty.

It's extremely messy, the gooey bun does do a good job at keeping everything together though, as if they had used a weaker bun, this could have been quite the tragedy. There's sticky BBQ sauce everywhere, I would recommend taking as many napkins as possible. The sauce is very nice, it's a good level of sweet and slightly tangy, not too BBQ-y, goes very well with pork and there's plenty of it.

It was never intended for a man to look under the bun.

Even if you're not a fan of gherkins I would recommend keeping them on, they add flavour to the burger and much needed texture as the pork is bit slimy. As do the onions, which are oddly extremely white, they're the whitest onions you can imagine. Talking about the texture, try eating fries at the same time as each mouthful, texture wise  this burger needs it and eating it like this makes it much more appetising.

The pork itself is interesting to say the least. It's almost more like sausage and though it's perfectly able to be considered a fine addition to any fast food menu, this is a an insult to pork, which is generally regarded by me as one of the best meats. It's difficult to compare this to even a simple pork joint from the super market, never mind actual restaurants. Where as I feel McDonalds does beef and chicken quite some justice, it's pork isn't anything to rave about. As with Krusty Burger's Ribwich, the meat is better not left to the imagination.

Don't go into this burger expecting good quality pork. It really isn't at the end of the day, however the product is at least rather tasty, there's no gristle and it's texture isn't as bad as it could be. This will never be much more than fast food in my opinion, which is really what I was expecting. It doesn't live up to the hype, but it's certainly worth a try and it's definitely intriguing.

It's hard to say if i'll have many more of these, since the Big Tasty is on the menu. I can probably see myself having at least one more before it leaves at the start of February.