Saturday, 27 December 2014

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014 Review: Last Christmas

Honestly, I was extremely disappointed with this one. After one of the strongest series so far, I feel we were really let down with the Christmas episode this year and it wasn't even christmasy enough to give it the benefit of the doubt. They had a great actor to play Santa I admit, but never gave him good enough writing to actually shine. He said too many -weird things- that felt out of character and forced to be relatable to todays kids, but failed to achieve that sort of "out of touch middle age man who's trying to impress his kids" feel that would have been at least comedic.

There was some decent comedy here and there, but not enough and really it wasn't strong enough to really make me laugh. Really going into the episode there was some good horror moments and it maintained the classic WHO feel we've had throughout Capaldi's run so far. Which is fab, but really the story just wasn't good enough to live up to this.
The monsters were good. Being a dream story I think it might have been nice to have seen a return of the Dream Lord. Still could have had the dream crabs, but right at the end reveal it's actually all just dream dust and the Dream Lord is fucking with the Doctor again, Clara could have just completely been a figment of his dream. Then The Doctor realises how much he misses her or someshit and goes and visits her on christmas day for the soppy good-feely christmasy reunion right at the end of the episode.

It could have also been better if the opening scene was actually that later scene from Clara's dream, Christmas day with Danny Pink. If it opened to her being woken up by Danny who's downstairs stairs cooking her breakfast that would have caused a huge amount of confusion for people and really captivated the audience from the get go and got them on the edge of their seat wondering what is happening actually. It would have opened the episode with a ton of questions for the audience and better ones than what we actually got. It doesn't even need to change much that scene, it could go into the hall with all the black boards giving Clara the messages, heck, might have been nice to see Mr. Pink be used against her in the nightmare. 

Hated most of the supporting cast this episode, especially that common lass, her voice was like someone rubbing sandpaper on my balls. They were the usual rubbish BBC actors, who frankly can't act to save their lives. Or maybe what's more annoying with those sorts of actors is you know they can do a stellar performance but really just aren't giving it any effort in this particular role. Might be the writers faults even, who knows, all I know is they weren't very good.

Also, is Slade's Merry Christmas Everybody the only Christmas song that Dr. Who is allowed to use? Swear it's on almost very year during Tennant's run. Can we please have anything, I mean it, anything else next year if we have to have a christmas song?

Last noteworthy point to make, despite the entire Clara being back for next series, is Capaldi's outfit was amazing. That little hoodie thing was wonderful. It had a futuristic feel about it which was nice. I'd say Cyberpunk without all the unnecessary rave gear. Would love to pick one up from somewhere.