Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Private Servers to Replace Nini Wi-Fi Connect

I heard today that some enthusiasts have opened up a server for people to play online for Wii and DS games. This is a pretty cool project since it really gives people chance to continue playing these games to the full extent they were intended. I know there's not much really, when it comes to Pokémon games you should really be looking towards transferring your Pokémon to X&Y. Also with MK7 for the 3DS and obviously with MK8 coming out for the WiiU last week it's not like we need the online features for MK DS anymore and Brawl's online was pretty crappy.

But still, at the end of the day there'll always be some reason for people to go back and play these games and it's a shame for Nintendo to have closed the servers so early. Though my biggest problem with the Homebrew project is that how long will it last? It could easily come to an end just like the official services since the people running it might have to move on for various reasons and can no longer maintain it. Also there's the issue of how much their servers can handle? What about if theres a sudden demand for a Metroid Prime battle between half of the internet!?

Anyway, i'm thinking it might be a good idea if they were to release the server to the public so anyone can run their own. If they make it run real simple people could just run it on their home PCs when they want to hit up multiplayer with a friend and turn it off when they're not playing. Just a thought.