Friday, 11 April 2014

FIFA World Cup Game to Appeal to Non-Football Fans with Drastic New Gameplay

Actual Game Footage

EA have came forward expressing their intention to make the upcoming FIFA World Cup game more appealing to a wider audience and not just FIFA fans. To do so they have looked in many other game series and researched possible mechanics they could add to the game to make it more interesting to fans of other types of games whilst still remaining true to past FIFA games.

A typical match could play out in numerous ways now thanks to the heavily realistic simulation of Brazil. The entire city of RIO will be represented in this game, not just the stadiums. During the matches.

EA provided us with an example of how a match might go down. You're there sat in the audience with your teams fellow supporters cheering to the Quarter Finals, England Vs. Germany. Suddenly there is an explosion and an armoured Ford Transit van comes crashing onto the pitch. Several members of a local Brazilian Crime Syndicate burst out of the back gripping machine guns and RPG missiles. They aim causally into the crowd and launch a missile, killing hundreds of supporters. Their leader grabs a microphone and demands the film crew to broadcast him to the big screen. He threatens the audience, shoots the referee through the head at point blank range then sends his goons about the stadium collecting cash and expensive gadgets in their swag bags. They then drive off whilst being shot at by FIFA security, during this the Brazilian Military are sitting back with beer and snacks. The betting companies make a killing and then the players console gets bricked.

Ranking this game at 10 out of 10. GOTY. Would highly recommend for everyone, including non-football fans.