Monday, 10 March 2014

Rating Agencies of Europe Suck Ass!

The other day a friend of mine linked to me an article that spoke in depth about rating agencies for video games and why harsher rules of the European ones make it a nightmare for Game Developers, especially smaller ones to localise their games and release them to all markets within a quick time frame. The trails they have go to through and then financial cost makes it a very tiresome ordeal, PEGI requiring the game to be first completed, questionnaires filled in, a ton of video footage needs to be recorded then it all needs to be sent off to them with payment. It's also a requirement to resubmit it for each platform you publish your game on. PEGI covers most of Europe, then Germany has their own as well which is a tiny bit easier and cheaper but still a pain. Then there's Australia's agency that is basically from last century. The article doesn't even go on to talk about Japan's one, as that's even worse than PEGI with all it's silly rules and bureaucracy.

Where as America's one is free and can be done in about 10 minutes and only requires you to fill our a questionnaire and their automated system will rate your game. Your game will be Post-Moderated after release so if it was given an incorrect rating it will have to be changed, so this encourages you to answer the questionnaire truthfully. All in all, a much better system and I would really like to see the rest of the world adopt similar systems or at least entrust America's rating system, become come on most games on un-changed right? Well, there's always the new South Park Game and all those scenes having to be removed from the European releases. Seriously Brussels, stop censoring creativity, anal abortions are a needed thing in all video games.