Thursday, 23 January 2014

Three times a charm!

Dogepuffs, they taste like overused may may.

I think this is the third time i've tried to run this blog. As many say three times the charm. I guess this time i'm coming at it with a more serious attitude, i've even had a years experience writing for my other blog now so surely I can get this one going. I think my major downfall last time was creating a blog but not really knowing what to write about, or being motivated todo so for that matter.

So, as per usual with a new start, things are going to be pretty messy around here for a little while until I really get the feel for it. I'm not even going to "officially" release this blog until I feel it's a little better in terms of what it's meant to be, what content is meant to go on it and of course the design.

From the top of my head I intend this blog to be about pretty much anything I can't write about on my other blog. So that pretty much means all types of interesting things relating to geek and internet culture. I'll probably talk a lot about gadgets, current events, video games and other fun things like that.

So, here's here to a new start! Let's hope I stick to it!