Thursday, 23 January 2014

Scranning Pork Ramen at Wagamama's

Now I do have quite the fondness for Japanese food, well to the extent I can since I don't really like fish all that much. My usual dish would be Chicken Katsu Curry, something I honestly can't get enough of. However  today when I went to Wagamaga's I chose to switch it up a bit and go with Pork Ramen instead. Was a wise decision indeed as it was damn tasty. Not much food can defeat me, especially on an empty stomach but I did struggle to finish the soup, definitely value for money at only about £8.90. Also the green tea was free, though I wouldn't recommend it really as it sort of has a similar feel to the soup and to be honest it'd have been better to have had water to wash it down with. But still, can't complain.
Obviously the pork was the most impressive part, it was so tender it was dropping to pieces as I ate it. Noodles were great and the veggie bits provided some great flavours. As much as I love chicken, secretly pork is probably my favourite meat.

Honestly my biggest complaint with Wagamaga's is the music they usually have on, it seems like something you'd hear in a super market or some fast-food joint, really mainstream shit. Would have expected a little more Japanese moon music or something. Though back to the food, having the choice between chopsticks, fork and ladle is awesome, I found myself switching between them depending on part of the meal I was eating. Chopsticks for the noodles, veggies and pork. Ladle for the soup and fork for the keeping the homeless away whilst I ate.

I'm heading to London on the weekend and will be eating at the most authentic Japanese restaurant outside of Tokyo! Tokyo Diner in SOHO. Just not sure if I should have the Chicken Katsu Curry, that I had last time I was there or if I should give something else a go. Will have to wait and see. Definitely getting some Sake though.