Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The legendary McRib, back in the UK after 12 years

Today, the last day of 2014, a burger that some only consider a myth returned in it's apparent glory to McDonalds stores across the UK. The reformed pork sandwich known only as the McRib. This burger is a cultural phenomena, everyone knows the story even if they've never had one of these burgers grace their lips. It's even had an entire Simpsons episode tributing it. The McRib first came to the UK back in 1998 and according to the SMS I received from McDonalds this morning it's not been seen here for 12 years. I missed my opportunity to have one of these in Spain a few years ago, so I simply couldn't pass up the chance now.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014 Review: Last Christmas

Honestly, I was extremely disappointed with this one. After one of the strongest series so far, I feel we were really let down with the Christmas episode this year and it wasn't even christmasy enough to give it the benefit of the doubt. They had a great actor to play Santa I admit, but never gave him good enough writing to actually shine. He said too many -weird things- that felt out of character and forced to be relatable to todays kids, but failed to achieve that sort of "out of touch middle age man who's trying to impress his kids" feel that would have been at least comedic.

There was some decent comedy here and there, but not enough and really it wasn't strong enough to really make me laugh. Really going into the episode there was some good horror moments and it maintained the classic WHO feel we've had throughout Capaldi's run so far. Which is fab, but really the story just wasn't good enough to live up to this.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Five Nights at Five Guys

New idea for the next fad video game, Five Nights at Five Guys. You play as a morbidly obese security guard, which is surprise-surprise the reason why you're bound to your chair. You've recently started working for everyones favourite fast food chain Five Guys near the Rockafella Center.  Some say there will one day be a mobility scooter available as DLC, but it is yet to be confirmed.

Your job is to try and not have a heart attack whilst you eat your own weight in burgers.

Some say the building is haunted by children who were murdered by a previous employee who held a grudge against the Five Guys founders, who if you didn't know, are five guys. Barry Goldsmith, Garold Fitzpatrick, Robert Humberbatch, David Attenborough and everyones favourite guy, the drummer from the Beetles.

The murderer was a fat guy, just like the player so the ghosts are taking their microaggressions out on you. They come out during the night with sheets over their heads and tell you how much of an awful person you are and how what you are doing is selfish and that you should think about all the starving children in Africa and other places where Americans don't dare think of.

Honestly this game must be worth at least five stars and will surely spark a fandom and have many many sequels. All while getting kids to eat more Five Guys burgers. Everyones happy.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Etiquette of Tipping

Independence day is in full spin over in the states, assuming you guys do in fact continue the celebrations into the night like we do during Bon Fire Night here in the UK. To mark the occasion, lets talk about a topic that is only related because it's always the topic of much controversy in "Merica. The act of tipping. That is, giving someone in the service industry additional pay, usually given to waiters at restaurants.

Tipping in America is the norm, you're expected to give a tip when you've had a meal and generally speaking the waiters pay reflects this, to the point that usually they require tips to actually make a decent living wage, if that. You give a smaller tip if the service was less than satisfactory and you can only not give a tip if the waiter stood there, insulted your elderly mother and kicked you in the balls for no apparent reason. This is just etiquette in the states. Now here in the UK and in general most of Europe it's quite different. In Europe at least you're not expected to give tips and that's almost the case in the UK. Although depending on who you're dining with the case may be quite different. Funnily enough though even though tipping might not be the norm here, the waiters are still paid pretty poorly.

I for one don't tip. It's not because of an reasons against the act of tipping it's mainly because I currently can't really afford to. If I could, I'd be more likely to consider it. Although I do think it's pretty awful that society allows there to be jobs that don't pay living wage, this doesn't just include waiter jobs, there's millions of jobs like this, in fact i'd say a larger percent of jobs are like this compared to those that aren't. I say "living wage" rather than minimum wage because there's a bloody big difference between what the government says is reasonable pay and what is actually necessary to live on.

Over all I think the social norm of tipping is generally wrong, but fighting it by not giving tips isn't the way to go about it. At the end of the day you're not making an impact on the greater schemes of things and really you're just harming the underpaid employee. I'm not sure what the best cause of action is, but it probably involves revolting against the current government, which might be fun and all but might also get us all killed, which is pretty shit as well. Then again if we do that, the corporations will gladly step in and it might not exactly get any better. At least the mobile industry won't have to hold back anymore, we might all get radiation poisoning but at least EE will finally be able to live up to it's name. Yes, that will be worth losing all our tips.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Private Servers to Replace Nini Wi-Fi Connect

I heard today that some enthusiasts have opened up a server for people to play online for Wii and DS games. This is a pretty cool project since it really gives people chance to continue playing these games to the full extent they were intended. I know there's not much really, when it comes to Pokémon games you should really be looking towards transferring your Pokémon to X&Y. Also with MK7 for the 3DS and obviously with MK8 coming out for the WiiU last week it's not like we need the online features for MK DS anymore and Brawl's online was pretty crappy.

But still, at the end of the day there'll always be some reason for people to go back and play these games and it's a shame for Nintendo to have closed the servers so early. Though my biggest problem with the Homebrew project is that how long will it last? It could easily come to an end just like the official services since the people running it might have to move on for various reasons and can no longer maintain it. Also there's the issue of how much their servers can handle? What about if theres a sudden demand for a Metroid Prime battle between half of the internet!?

Anyway, i'm thinking it might be a good idea if they were to release the server to the public so anyone can run their own. If they make it run real simple people could just run it on their home PCs when they want to hit up multiplayer with a friend and turn it off when they're not playing. Just a thought.

Friday, 11 April 2014

FIFA World Cup Game to Appeal to Non-Football Fans with Drastic New Gameplay

Actual Game Footage

EA have came forward expressing their intention to make the upcoming FIFA World Cup game more appealing to a wider audience and not just FIFA fans. To do so they have looked in many other game series and researched possible mechanics they could add to the game to make it more interesting to fans of other types of games whilst still remaining true to past FIFA games.

A typical match could play out in numerous ways now thanks to the heavily realistic simulation of Brazil. The entire city of RIO will be represented in this game, not just the stadiums. During the matches.

EA provided us with an example of how a match might go down. You're there sat in the audience with your teams fellow supporters cheering to the Quarter Finals, England Vs. Germany. Suddenly there is an explosion and an armoured Ford Transit van comes crashing onto the pitch. Several members of a local Brazilian Crime Syndicate burst out of the back gripping machine guns and RPG missiles. They aim causally into the crowd and launch a missile, killing hundreds of supporters. Their leader grabs a microphone and demands the film crew to broadcast him to the big screen. He threatens the audience, shoots the referee through the head at point blank range then sends his goons about the stadium collecting cash and expensive gadgets in their swag bags. They then drive off whilst being shot at by FIFA security, during this the Brazilian Military are sitting back with beer and snacks. The betting companies make a killing and then the players console gets bricked.

Ranking this game at 10 out of 10. GOTY. Would highly recommend for everyone, including non-football fans.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Rating Agencies of Europe Suck Ass!

The other day a friend of mine linked to me an article that spoke in depth about rating agencies for video games and why harsher rules of the European ones make it a nightmare for Game Developers, especially smaller ones to localise their games and release them to all markets within a quick time frame. The trails they have go to through and then financial cost makes it a very tiresome ordeal, PEGI requiring the game to be first completed, questionnaires filled in, a ton of video footage needs to be recorded then it all needs to be sent off to them with payment. It's also a requirement to resubmit it for each platform you publish your game on. PEGI covers most of Europe, then Germany has their own as well which is a tiny bit easier and cheaper but still a pain. Then there's Australia's agency that is basically from last century. The article doesn't even go on to talk about Japan's one, as that's even worse than PEGI with all it's silly rules and bureaucracy.

Where as America's one is free and can be done in about 10 minutes and only requires you to fill our a questionnaire and their automated system will rate your game. Your game will be Post-Moderated after release so if it was given an incorrect rating it will have to be changed, so this encourages you to answer the questionnaire truthfully. All in all, a much better system and I would really like to see the rest of the world adopt similar systems or at least entrust America's rating system, become come on most games on un-changed right? Well, there's always the new South Park Game and all those scenes having to be removed from the European releases. Seriously Brussels, stop censoring creativity, anal abortions are a needed thing in all video games.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Scranning Pork Ramen at Wagamama's

Now I do have quite the fondness for Japanese food, well to the extent I can since I don't really like fish all that much. My usual dish would be Chicken Katsu Curry, something I honestly can't get enough of. However  today when I went to Wagamaga's I chose to switch it up a bit and go with Pork Ramen instead. Was a wise decision indeed as it was damn tasty. Not much food can defeat me, especially on an empty stomach but I did struggle to finish the soup, definitely value for money at only about £8.90. Also the green tea was free, though I wouldn't recommend it really as it sort of has a similar feel to the soup and to be honest it'd have been better to have had water to wash it down with. But still, can't complain.
Obviously the pork was the most impressive part, it was so tender it was dropping to pieces as I ate it. Noodles were great and the veggie bits provided some great flavours. As much as I love chicken, secretly pork is probably my favourite meat.

Honestly my biggest complaint with Wagamaga's is the music they usually have on, it seems like something you'd hear in a super market or some fast-food joint, really mainstream shit. Would have expected a little more Japanese moon music or something. Though back to the food, having the choice between chopsticks, fork and ladle is awesome, I found myself switching between them depending on part of the meal I was eating. Chopsticks for the noodles, veggies and pork. Ladle for the soup and fork for the keeping the homeless away whilst I ate.

I'm heading to London on the weekend and will be eating at the most authentic Japanese restaurant outside of Tokyo! Tokyo Diner in SOHO. Just not sure if I should have the Chicken Katsu Curry, that I had last time I was there or if I should give something else a go. Will have to wait and see. Definitely getting some Sake though.

Imagine Being Able to Play 3DS/DS Games on a WiiU!

How about this for an idea. Saw it posted somewhere on Google+ the other day. What about a little device, similar to an SD card reader that plugs into the back of a WiiU but instead of having an SD card slot it instead has a slot for 3DS and DS games. Then using your TV and the WiiU's tablet you could play the duel screen handheld's games but in your living room. Since we got this with the Nintendo 64 and with the Game Cube, playing Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games, I don't doubt this could be a possibility in the near future. I know the WiiU isn't doing as well as the press apparently require it to so this little addition might be quite the game changer. For people that might not like handhelds or just want to sit back with with X and Y and play on their big TV, then this would be the perfect purchase.

Lets hope something like this gets announced at E3 or in a Nini direct sometime soon.

Three times a charm!

Dogepuffs, they taste like overused may may.

I think this is the third time i've tried to run this blog. As many say three times the charm. I guess this time i'm coming at it with a more serious attitude, i've even had a years experience writing for my other blog now so surely I can get this one going. I think my major downfall last time was creating a blog but not really knowing what to write about, or being motivated todo so for that matter.

So, as per usual with a new start, things are going to be pretty messy around here for a little while until I really get the feel for it. I'm not even going to "officially" release this blog until I feel it's a little better in terms of what it's meant to be, what content is meant to go on it and of course the design.

From the top of my head I intend this blog to be about pretty much anything I can't write about on my other blog. So that pretty much means all types of interesting things relating to geek and internet culture. I'll probably talk a lot about gadgets, current events, video games and other fun things like that.

So, here's here to a new start! Let's hope I stick to it!